How To Curl Hair With Blow Dryer Brush?

How To Curl Hair With Blow Dryer Brush?

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to curl your hair, a blow dryer hairbrush is the way to go. This styling tool can help bouncy, beautiful curls in no time. Here is how to curl hair with a blow dryer brush.

What Is Blow Dryer Brush?

How to curl hair with blow dryer brush? A blow dryer brush, also known as a blowout brush, is a tool that helps you achieve smoother, straighter hair. These brushes have soft bristles designed to smooth your hair and add shine after drying your hair with a blow dryer. They are best used on medium to long hair and can be used on wet or dry hair. With a blow dryer brush, you can simply use one hand to guide the brush through your hair using long smooth strokes for shine and volume.

How Does A Blow Dryer Brush Work?

Unlike a regular round brush, which can leave your hair looking disheveled, the heat within a blow dryer brush is meant to smooth down the cuticle of each strand and distribute air over the hair.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Blow Dryer Brush?

A blow dryer hairbrush might seem like a luxury to many people. But, there are a lot of benefits of a blow dryer hairbrush. You can choose various types of hairbrushes to go with your blow dryer. If you have curly hair, you can use a round brush. If you straighten your hair, you can use a ceramic hairbrush. It is very easy to use a blow dryer hairbrush to style your hair.

This is made up of high-tech material, like boar bristle. It is used to blow dry more effectively and at the same time slowly. The brush is designed in a way that hair gets an even spread of heat throughout the entire length compared to the normal blow-drying method.

 How Do You Curl Hair With A Blow Dryer Brush?

If you want to learn how to curl hair with blow dryer brush, follow all these steps one by one.

Step One: Pass on Your Hair To Dry To Some Degree:

How to curl hair with blow dryer brush?
How to curl hair with blow dryer brush?

You’ll find that curling hair that’s still wet from the shower is near impossible. If you have long, thick, or wavy hair, you will want to leave it to partially dry first. If your hair is quite short, or finer, you can skip this step.

Step Two: Heat Protectant Application:

heat protectant spray
How to curl hair with blow dryer brush?

 Apply heat protector on hair before curling them with a blow dryer hairbrush to protect it from frizz and damage. A heat protector provides a barrier between the hair and the heat of the blow dryer brush. Pre-curling the hair prevents the heat protector from becoming tacky and makes it easier to curl the hair.

Step Three: Brush Your Hair Out:

How to curl hair with blow dryer brush?
How to curl hair with blow dryer brush?

The next step is to brush your hair out thoroughly. This will ensure everything is smooth, and free from tangles before the curling process begins. Once you’re happy with the way your hair looks, start to part it.

Step Four: Part Your Hair Into Sections:

hair sections
How to curl hair with blow dryer brush?

Regardless of the size of your sections, you’ll find it much easier to achieve a natural-looking curl if you part your hair into even sections. This also means that if you have thick, curly hair, and would prefer bigger curls, then you can opt for bigger sections. However, if you have thin hair prone to frizzing, smaller sections will be best.

Step Five: Start Curling Your Hair From The Bottom:

How to curl hair with blow dryer brush?
How to curl hair with blow dryer brush?

The best way to treat your hair to long-lasting curls is by only holding the barrel of the brush for short periods of time. This means that as you move upwards through the section of hair curled, you should always release the handle of the brush as soon as possible. This will enable your curls to maintain shape for longer and keep them looking bouncy and fresh for longer.

After that spray your hair with volumizing mousse hairspray. Try this one.

hair sprayWhat Are Some Tips For Using A Blow Dryer Brush?

We’re sharing everything you need to know about using a blowout brush. These tips will help you to learn how to curl hair with blow dryer brush.

Heat-activated products are the secret ingredient when it comes to using a blow dryer brush. The spray will help protect your hair and make it less prone to damage as you’re drying.

Then, while drying, you only want to use gentle strokes without pulling the hair too much, but at the same time, don’t pass over one part of your hair multiple times.

Comb everything through, making sure there aren’t any knots or tangles, and allow your locks to air dry the rest of the way.

How Do You Care For A Blow Dryer Brush?

  •  Wash the brush with shampoo when needed – dirty brushes can aggravate your scalp or cause split ends.
  • Use a protective heat styling product to protect your hair and your brush.
  • Shake out all of the water that you can before using your brush.
  • Make sure the heat is set on low or medium so that you do not burn your scalp or hair.
  • Use it if you are using a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment! Diffuser attachments evenly distribute air to dry your hair faster and prevent frizz and restyle your hair as it dries.

A blow dryer brush is a fantastic tool for styled, healthy hair. And with a little care and maintenance, it lasts for years.


A blow dryer brush is a simple yet effective tool that can be used to add volume and curl to your hair. In conclusion, a blow dryer brush is a great tool for curling hair. It does an excellent job at drying hair and gives a great result. The medium-sized barrel is perfect for people with shorter to medium-length hair and I would even say that it would work for people with long hair as well.


What type of blow dryer brush is best for curling hair?

Look for a blow dryer brush with a round barrel, which is the best shape for creating curls. The size of the barrel will depend on the length of your hair and the size of the curls you want to create.

How can I make my curls last longer when using a blow dryer brush?

Once you have curled a section of hair, hold the curl in place for a few seconds before releasing it from the brush. After all of your hair is curled, let it cool completely before applying a flexible hold hairspray to help set the curls in place.

Can blow dryer brushes be used on all hair types?

Blow dryer brushes can be used on most hair types, but the heat and airflow should be adjusted according to the thickness and texture of your hair.

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