Causes of hair loss in teenage

Causes Of Hair Loss In Teenage Female

Hair loss is common during adolescence. The causes vary from person to person. Some girls experience thinning hair due to hormonal changes. Others suffer from alopecia. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of hair loss and how to treat them.

Hair loss affects millions of women worldwide. It’s estimated that 50% of women experience some degree of hair loss at some point in their lives. If you’re experiencing hair loss, don’t worry. There are ways to treat it.

Why Do Women Lose Their Hair?

While there are several causes of hair loss in teenage female, the main cause is genetics. Other contributing factors include heredity, aging, hormones, medications, nutritional deficiencies, and environmental toxins.
There are various forms of hair loss; each with its symptoms and treatments. These conditions may affect men and women equally, but they often differ when it comes to the specific type of hair loss. For example, while male-pattern baldness affects mostly males, female-pattern baldness affects mainly women.
In this article, we discuss the causes of hair loss in teenage females as well as possible treatment options for those affected. We also provide information on what to look out for if you suspect your teen has experienced hair loss.

The Causes Of Hair Loss In Teenagers

Causes Of Hair Loss In Teenage Female

It is not uncommon for teenagers to lose their hair. This can happen for many different reasons. Most commonly, it happens when a teenager goes through puberty. Although hair loss is normal at this age, it usually resolves itself once your child reaches adulthood. However, if your teen continues to have problems with hair loss after reaching adulthood, then further evaluation should be conducted by a doctor.

Hormonal Changes

Another cause of hair loss in teenage female is hormonal change. During adolescence, the body produces more estrogen than testosterone. As a result, the hair follicles become inactive, causing hair growth to slow down. Eventually, the hair stops growing altogether.
Some people experience hair loss because of the fluctuating levels of certain hormones. This can occur at any time in life, but it is most common during adolescence. When the levels of these hormones swing drastically between high and low, the process of hair growth slows.

 Poor Diet

Causes Of Hair Loss In Teenage Female
Causes Of Hair Loss In Teenage Female

A diet high in processed foods and sugar can lead to an imbalance of vitamins and minerals in the body. This can, in turn, cause hair loss in teenage female.


Causes Of Hair Loss In Teenage Female


Although all teenagers feel stressed at times, some end up dealing with stress more intensely than others. Stress can cause significant health issues such as high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. It can also trigger hair loss.


Causes Of Hair Loss In Teenage Female

Certain drugs used to treat medical conditions can also cause hair loss. Analgesics like Tylenol or Ibuprofen can temporarily stop hair from growing.

Some more causes of hair loss in teenage females are

  •   Aging
  • Dietary Deficiencies
  •  Environmental Toxins
  •  Fungus Infection
  •  Medical Conditions

The list above provides a few of the main causes of hair loss in teenage female. There are other reasons too, however. You should consult a doctor if you notice any unusual changes in your daughter.

Now we are going to discuss how to reverse the causes of hair loss in teenage females.

Reverse Hair Loss Treatment Options

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of hair loss. Some of them are permanent, and others are temporary. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat these conditions. Here are some effective methods to treat hair loss in teenage female that you can try:

 Laser Hair Growth System 

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The iRestore Professional Laser Hair Growth System is planned with an industry-driving 282 lasers and LEDs (1410 mW complete power yield) to assist treat people with alopecia, retreating hairline, and design sparseness, and diminishing hair, by invigorating hair follicles to advance solid hair development and forestall going bald. Use it all alone or consolidate it with other balding medicines to improve results.

Surgical procedures

If hair loss becomes severe enough, surgical treatments may be necessary. For example, hair transplantation involves taking small sections of hair from one part of the scalp and moving them to another location on the head. Transplantation is a relatively new technique, but it offers excellent results.

This procedure takes place under local anesthesia. A doctor will shave off a small amount of healthy skin from various parts of the scalp. Then he will take the cuttings and graft them onto the bald area of the head. The transplanted hairs will grow into the recipient site. While they do not look natural, they will eventually fill in the bald patch.
This treatment is highly successful, but it does come with risks. One of which is scarring. Another drawback is that it requires multiple sessions over months or years.

Chemical Treatment

Hair loss caused by medications usually needs special attention. If possible, you should discontinue the medication, so that the hair regrows naturally. Also, talk to your doctor about alternative treatments that might be available.
There is some chemical treatment available to help prevent further hair loss. They work by increasing circulation throughout the scalp. This allows for better nutrient delivery to the follicles.

Alternative Method

There are several treatments available to stimulate hair growth. These include topical creams, herbal remedies, and vitamin supplements. However, none of these treatments have been proven to promote hair growth.

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These are just some of the many options available when treating hair loss in teenage females. Hair loss serums are also available in the market.

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  • Ultra-nourishing leave-in treatment: This hair stimulating topical serum designed for women targets the first signs of hair loss and fights premature thinning. Its densifying and thickening properties leave hair shinier, fuller, and more manageable. This product is proudly made in the USA, ensuring quality and adherence to manufacturing standards.
  • Drug-free formula: This is a drug-free alternative that includes superior cosmeceutical active ingredients, such as Trichogen and Follicusan at a 5% concentration, to strengthen follicles, lock in moisture, and restore fullness, shine and bounce.
  • Lightweight hair loss treatment: This treatment is lightweight and leaves no greasy residue. It keeps hair manageable, allowing you to style it as usual. An infusion of Lavender Oil makes applying the serum soothing and invigorating to the scalp.
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Your best option would be to see a dermatologist who specializes in this field. He/she can recommend the most appropriate course of action based on the type of hair loss you are experiencing.

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